About Us

Holtmeier Moves the Earth
Founded 1998
3301 Third Avenue, Mankato, MN 56001-2746
Phone: 507.389.9112
Fax: 507.389.9703

Experience + Innovation + Commitment = On Time and On Budget Projects

Our experienced workforce is committed to quality, safety and efficiency to ensure our projects are completed safely on time and on budget.

Holtmeier Construction Inc. was founded in 1998 by Joe and Bethany Holtmeier. The company initially focused on underground utility construction followed by the addition of excavation & grading, mining & aggregate production, trucking and heavy haul services. The company has steadily grown and earned the reputation of being one of the leading heavy contractors in southern Minnesota.

Safety First Philosophy – The safety of our employees and everyone else on the job site is our number one priority when planning and executing our work. Safety orientation is provided to all new hires, ongoing training is mandatory for existing employees, subcontractors are required to abide by our policies, weekly toolbox talks are held, controlled substance testing is mandatory. Our proactive approach has provided a safe working environment and excellent records with both OSHA and MSHA.