Safety Is Our Priority Every Day On Every Project


At Holtmeier Construction our first priority is getting the job done safely. We are committed to providing a safe work place for every employee at every job site every day.

The safety of our employees and visitors is the number one priority when planning and performing work. Holtmeier Construction is committed to making sure everyone gets through the workday safely by providing training, equipment, experience and time to safely finish the tasks at hand. Our supervisors are trained to continually monitor safety and make adjustments based on-site conditions when necessary.


Our safety program is applied on all Holtmeier Construction job sites. Training is provided and accountability is monitored by dedicated staff on a regular basis. Our safety program starts with management and extends through all levels of personnel. Safety orientation and controlled substance screening is required for all new workers before being allowed on the job site. Current employees attend more than 30 hours of annual safety refresher training and are subject to controlled substance screening.


At Holtmeier Construction we take a proactive approach to avoid accidents before they happen. All employees participate in hazard awareness meetings at the start of each work shift as well as weekly toolbox safety talks. Making sure everyone understands the risks associated with the work being performed that day is an ongoing reminder of safe work practices. Most employees have completed OSHA 10 and 30 classes and much of the workforce is MSHA certified. Training and safe work practices are attributed to achieving and maintaining our excellent safety record.

  • Annual Spring Safety Refresher Consisting of 30 + Hours of Various Safety Topics
  • Daily Hazard Awareness Startup Meetings
  • Weekly Toolbox Talks
  • First Aid & CPR
  • OSHA Competent Trenching
  • OSHA Confined Space
  • OSHA 10
  • MSHA Mining Certification

An Equal Opportunity Employer